How much can I make Pking starting with 0gp

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I started with 0 in the bank and went pking to see how much money I could make
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Mo Hassan
Mo Hassan Prieš 2 mėnesius
i miss REV CAVE!!!
Ryan Sellers
Ryan Sellers Prieš 2 mėnesius
Wouldn't pking starting with 0gp mean you have no gear on starting off and have to get gear from pking?
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prieš mėn
he didnt have any gear
LordRødning Prieš 2 mėnesius
Dont you lose the dragon defender when you die iff you got the dragon defender kit?
Z Prieš 3 mėnesius
Should do it without using the minigame
pancake Prieš 3 mėnesius
colcil Prieš 4 mėnesius
24M. that's a lot of bonds in one day :(
FloridaManFPS Prieš 5 mėnesių
your buddy fully equipped tf out with barrows items and all this aint starting from 0 gp
Frooty Prieš 5 mėnesių
pvp world next
Cavesy Prieš 5 mėnesių
Cherburker ring
SunBro Treadway
SunBro Treadway Prieš 5 mėnesių
I know this may sound weird in a way but I feel LMS is more PvP and not actually PK’ing.
Rehman Ahmad
Rehman Ahmad Prieš 5 mėnesių
No point you went with a partner... how does that even make sense?
pirmas paskutinis
pirmas paskutinis Prieš 6 mėnesių
2mil per hour, better get a real job :D
Booty Gang
Booty Gang Prieš 6 mėnesių
@TorvestaRS Why couldn't you just make the vid a couple seconds longer and go for that 13:37 length?
Tanner Hubbard
Tanner Hubbard Prieš 6 mėnesių
An AGS is 10m!!??????? That’s stupid as hell
Sautruong Tran
Sautruong Tran Prieš 6 mėnesių
Merciful Lord
Merciful Lord Prieš 6 mėnesių
Love that you get more views than the Runescape player base ;) this = Very Good Content±!
MrDjano793 Prieš 6 mėnesių
Thought you were making money from pking? Like from scratch?
Michael J S
Michael J S Prieš 7 mėnesių
Do it from lumbridge after the tutorial you noob.
Shark in the woods
Shark in the woods Prieš 7 mėnesių
0:02 dragon claws in the bank.. lol
Tom Gossen
Tom Gossen Prieš 7 mėnesių
But you didn’t start with 0 gp. How did you get the gear and supplies in LMS out of nowhere with 0 gp?
Jake D
Jake D Prieš 7 mėnesių
My favorite OSRS channel tho, I love watching his content he has a cool voice too
lucas young
lucas young Prieš 7 mėnesių
when you need a friend to help you pk meanwhile your a skull tricker who get jumped on and praises he gets away. This is irony
spirit469 Prieš 7 mėnesių
"I'm gonna start w/0 gp" -actually starts with a full inventory and expensive armor
aaron maclean
aaron maclean Prieš 7 mėnesių
starting from 0 gp, yet 30secs in has mystic whip fury.... wth is this ...
skilledkill37 Prieš 7 mėnesių
Have fun getting ragged everywhere you go in the wilderness.
KaboosOnX1 Prieš 7 mėnesių
There is nothing cornier than people saying “sit”.
Toonee Prieš 7 mėnesių
Liked the video for the pking and commentary ect. but duoing with a friend who has no restrictions super takes away from the point of the video. Now if they had to wear the same gear as you or you had to buy their gear and inv as well, that would have been much better imo.
Evil Ash
Evil Ash Prieš 7 mėnesių
it's obv pking is just a clan gold printing scheme, they should make it so you can't log into the rev caves and itll ditch u to the entrance
The Maxed
The Maxed Prieš 7 mėnesių
LOVE the vids as usual, and I liked how when you pk'ed that guy @4:15 the genie waved as he went down l0l.
Romulus Prieš 7 mėnesių
starting from scratch with companion who uses their max main and expensive gear while I piggy back
San Markus
San Markus Prieš 7 mėnesių
really unoriginal vid, disliked
Kergami Prieš 7 mėnesių
I died at the L0's
Nhank Nhankson
Nhank Nhankson Prieš 7 mėnesių
This video feels pointless on so many levels, what is the point of 0 gp if you use your exceptional pvp skills to get the 700k and then just basically pking, with a friend? who is also not limited in any way. I feel you didnt think this through.
Paul Denino
Paul Denino Prieš 7 mėnesių
LMS and duoing.... no point, disliked edit: actually jk
Ando lynx
Ando lynx Prieš 7 mėnesių
Good video
Jamie Webb
Jamie Webb Prieš 7 mėnesių
Ngl bit sad I didn't see you kicking people for days on end to make the first bit of bank.
Jamie Webb
Jamie Webb Prieš 7 mėnesių
May aswell title it "How much can I make Pking from one set"
Gas Assist
Gas Assist Prieš 7 mėnesių
exodus on top
Youngster Joey
Youngster Joey Prieš 7 mėnesių
New title: how many idiots can I tilt with one video title?
Toni Davidson
Toni Davidson Prieš 7 mėnesių
Only un tradable items, scrolls past 12 obby capes
DankMemes Prieš 7 mėnesių explains in detail how he did this
J R Prieš 7 mėnesių
Great video absolutely loved it
Jared Plue
Jared Plue Prieš 7 mėnesių
saw this wasn't solo or without LMS, passing on this one sorry
Gezza Boii
Gezza Boii Prieš 7 mėnesių
Dats right boiiii! Can’t fuck with us Aussie ✊🏽🤙🏽👌🏽😎
A K Prieš 7 mėnesių
Good idea but horrible execution. It should be solo and no LMS allowed
Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Brown Prieš 7 mėnesių
dude make another video calling jagex out on BH. wtf??
Ampt Glitch
Ampt Glitch Prieš 7 mėnesių
duoing with someone with gear doesnt look like from 0 gp to me
cameron scears
cameron scears Prieš 7 mėnesių
Where can you pk in osrs I canf find anyone in Eddyville just ask to the game
Vivalam Prieš 7 mėnesių
Why run to revs 43726 times?
Its Wugz
Its Wugz Prieš 7 mėnesių
Killing people at chaos altar kinda cringe
Kushion Twom
Kushion Twom Prieš 7 mėnesių
Aye I would like to see a nice clan video of everyone clearing the grand exchange. Like every single person is sent to lumbridge! My ign is TopPlayer
Kushion Twom
Kushion Twom Prieš 7 mėnesių
Shout out to the joogsquad!
Steve Ward
Steve Ward Prieš 7 mėnesių
PVP world would be a great video! I understand why you duoed for the rev caves as solo would be a nightmare, but didn't KempQ get banned for RWT a bunch of gold? Not sure that's a great collab :/
Christine Dabreo
Christine Dabreo Prieš 7 mėnesių
Torvesta is a batty boy
Nick O'Brien
Nick O'Brien Prieš 7 mėnesių
Can you give me 100 mil torvesta please I like and subbed
Sean Robertson
Sean Robertson Prieš 7 mėnesių
Next video idea: how much money can you make on the ge starting with 0gp, with a friend supplying all items?
JCarson Prieš 7 mėnesių
You started with 10m and a partner, you just put it all on him.
Kenny Andersson
Kenny Andersson Prieš 7 mėnesių
Shitty game, got scammed on all my cash im quitting
Kory Jessup
Kory Jessup Prieš 7 mėnesių
God bless the Venezuelans....
Reice Bob
Reice Bob Prieš 7 mėnesių
That's me! 08:46
Millsy Prieš 7 mėnesių
You should of actually started in the wild with nothing and looted your items.. kinda defeats the purpose of starting with 0gp if you're going to go to TL which gives you gear to pvp with... could of easily made a quick 500k-1M at revs from teams leaving loot.
Gommie Prieš 7 mėnesių
Has 5 people on him. "I must of tanked like 20 people!"
MishDawg75 Prieš 7 mėnesių
Ty KempQ for the content.
Michael Rabey
Michael Rabey Prieš 7 mėnesių
Almost every world is "protected" at revs that's why you're always running into clans.
Bec querel
Bec querel Prieš 7 mėnesių
Wheres the distorted flute salad at
Hazzer Prieš 7 mėnesių
Re write the title..
M'senior _
M'senior _ Prieš 7 mėnesių
i think duoing is fine but make them start from 0 gp as well, if they use ags without pking the 11m it defeats the purpose
kieration Prieš 7 mėnesių
4:09 Complaining about being pked at revs.... Take a look at what you are doing Torvesta, ya muppet. Literally complaining about your own actions
Ash Rim
Ash Rim Prieš 7 mėnesių
Since when is the wild this active?
Jamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald Prieš 7 mėnesių
5k ether lol what is this bollocks
Jamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald Prieš 7 mėnesių
Videos already a fail when you've got a 120 sat there helping you lol
Doosin Prieš 7 mėnesių
do it without help
Steven Smith
Steven Smith Prieš 7 mėnesių
L0l you should have started the grind over once you got anti pked by the white chocolate assassin from down under
iIiiIiiIiiIIIiI I
iIiiIiiIiiIIIiI I Prieš 7 mėnesių
you should do a full series on this
BRO_ Craaazy
BRO_ Craaazy Prieš 7 mėnesių
That moment CJ shows up
Layced Jayce
Layced Jayce Prieš 7 mėnesių
I liked the video thanks for the content bro!
KokoroNoKawari Prieš 7 mėnesių
But this is a duo...
Lured TyaniX
Lured TyaniX Prieš 7 mėnesių
Black Eye
Black Eye Prieš 7 mėnesių
U runout of ideas
Anthony Shlemon
Anthony Shlemon Prieš 7 mėnesių
Lol I got a RWT RS gold advertisement before the video.
Jastixlt Prieš 7 mėnesių
Hadi Abou-Ghaida
Hadi Abou-Ghaida Prieš 7 mėnesių
shoulda done some dh pking
Get Owned Inc
Get Owned Inc Prieš 7 mėnesių
Clickbait title lol.
mixuaquela123 Prieš 7 mėnesių
Disliked because killing pvmers but otherwise good video!
Captain Dredd
Captain Dredd Prieš 7 mėnesių
You can't count this due to the fact that "you" weren't the one making it. It was "you and you partner" lame ass.
David Rivera
David Rivera Prieš 7 mėnesių
Step 1:be good at LMS Step 2: have other PKers help
Esteban Vargas
Esteban Vargas Prieš 7 mėnesių
Do it with a different combat bracket
Azn Mayne
Azn Mayne Prieš 7 mėnesių
Do it solo
workingondying Prieš 7 mėnesių
Any odawinkers
Mike Blazey
Mike Blazey Prieš 7 mėnesių
STOP PROTECTING FROM FKXING ITEM you aren't risking shit if ur doing that -Mike
marky mark
marky mark Prieš 7 mėnesių
lol, the runescape gold buying add was funny, how can that be allowed?
David Woods
David Woods Prieš 7 mėnesių
First clip shows mystic robes.. ahrims.. like no, i wanted to see you go make 100k and box
Edgelord of this universe
Edgelord of this universe Prieš 7 mėnesių
Tag teaming people can’t really respect it but dealing with clans I understand the help
Andrés Cicirello
Andrés Cicirello Prieš 7 mėnesių
Hey bro the sadly thins just happened to me, I jut buy a craw s bow after so long of playing, I work so I don't have that time to make money as before, and for an accident with my nephew he press the keyboard 1 in the worst moment and he dismantle my craw bow and I lost almost all my money in that, any tip I can do man? I'm with cero motivation now so sad
M . Q
M . Q Prieš 7 mėnesių
Its not really a 0 gp pking if ur friend is helping you with his ags , come on man
RUBZy Prieš 7 mėnesių
SpoonLoverify Prieš 7 mėnesių
so people in clan pk pkers, and people who are not in clan only pk skillers and pvmers?
i love God
i love God Prieš 7 mėnesių
The Truth shall set you free. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare🍰
Mill House
Mill House Prieš 7 mėnesių
I feel like you’ve remade this video 5 times lol
joni raunio
joni raunio Prieš 7 mėnesių
No liking this video pk with 0 money and pk on revenant #1 u have a lot more pk skill than others #2 u have help on revenant cave...
Chilla Prieš 7 mėnesių
“Let’s see how much I can make from pking starting from 0gp” goes and does duo pking the whole time... lol
Der Sun
Der Sun Prieš 7 mėnesių
Can you do the same on a pure?
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